Remote design services

Garden design during Covid-19 

Remote garden design and garden consultation.

This is something which I hope will become more popular once lockdown is over.  I believe it will prove to be a cheaper way for you to achieve a professionally designed space.  It does involve more input from the client in the form of taking photographs and measuring – which may sound daunting but I can explain how to do this and without the need of expensive equipment. I won’t obviously be able to guarantee that the design will be exactly to scale but it shouldn’t be far off if you follow my directions!  

Initial process

I’m afraid you will need to do this bit! 

I will ask you to take some photographs of your space, plus tell me a little bit about how you want to use your garden and from this I can give you a price for the plans.

If you are happy to go ahead, your next task will be to measure the garden, a full explanation on how to do this will be given so don’t worry, you can use a metal or fabric tape measure, or even pace out the space.  

We will have a more in-depth chat via video if possible, in order for me to assess in more detail your like and dislikes etc. I will probably ask you to take some more photographs as well. 

Then just email the gardens dimensions and photographs and I can do the design drawings for you as follow below: 

Design stage 

Concept plans

These consist of about 3 different layout ideas for each area of the garden and include photographs and pictures which help with visualising how the garden will look.  I can email or post copies for you.  

This may be all the help you need to go ahead and create your garden.

Master plans

This is the full plan which is to scale, showing all the relevant information required to construct the garden.  

Planting plans

Showing the soft landscaping elements with each plants position and eventual spread.  A separate plant list will be included

Plant supply

Source the selected plants and arrange delivery (as available at the moment).

Further remote services

Consultation help via video link, either one session, or periodical help from plant suggestions right up to garden re-styling advice.