Garden and landscape design services

Survey and site analysis

In-depth discussion with you to ascertain your likes, dislikes, practical requirements and budget.

Concept sketches

Visuals for you to absorb and comment on, so that we can agree a design. This can be all that is needed for you to go on and develop your own garden.

Master plans

Final layout plan of proposed garden design to scale, which can be used by a contractor.

Planting plan

Carefully chosen plants which are able to withstand your soil conditions and anticipated climate. Includes a separate alphabetical plant list.

Project management

I will source contractors for you, obtain quotations, brief them and project manage the whole job.

Plant supply

Source the selected plants and planting up the area.


Periodically maintain and check that plants are healthy.

Garden maintenance plan

Month by month maintenance plan, unique to your garden, with photographs of your plants for identification purposes.

Re-styling advice

Gardens as well as taste change over time, so a simple garden revamp may be all that is required.

Ongoing planting advice

Gardens change as they mature. I’ll offer periodic, ongoing help with your garden – help with continual colour, bulb design or under planting.